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Torbal Ba3U, Platform Scale 6 Lbs(3Kg) X 0.002Lbs(1G)

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Platform Scale 6 lbs (3,000g) x 0.002 lbs (1g) Excellent platform scale with a remote mount indicator



A strong rugged design offers an outstanding ROI

Features and Functions Remote mount indicator Large 13mm x 18mm LED Data Display Stainless Steel Platform Meets OIML Specifications RS232 Bidirectional Port Opto-Isolator Accurate and easy to use leveling system Sealed front panel Data transfer and printing HR - high resolution key B/G - gross / net toggling Modes - Parts Counting - Percent Weighing - Recipe Making - Totalizing - Animal / Dynamic Weighing - Check Weighing - Auto - tare - Tare storing - Filtering - Min / Max indication Units - Grams - Carats - Pounds - Ounces - Ounces Troy - Pennyweights - Newton

Includes an accurate an easy to use leveling system, 10 different weighing modes and 7 units of measure

Small footprint with a stainless steel platform and RS232 interface ports